The Highly Effective Injury Treatment Secrets of Kenyan Long-Distance Running Superstars

Kenyan Long Distance Running Superstars

The most famous long-distance runners in the world today come from Africa, particularly Kenya. What methods do they use to avoid and effectively treat injuries?

Injuries in running are something no one wants and cannot be predicted. For high-speed long-distance runners like Eliud Kipchoge, injuries are a major setback, as they can take away all their glory on the track.

So, what are the secrets of Kenyan stars that enable them to run so well? How do they avoid injuries or treat them quickly? Below are revelations from an anonymous source who has worked with many famous Kenyan athletes.

Heat Treatment

Applying heat to the injured area is one of the methods Kenyan athletes often use. Heat improves blood circulation in the injured area. Kenyan athletes often use heated herbal remedies to apply to the wound.

In Kenya, there are many herbs used to treat running injuries. However, one easily accessible plant often used by these stars is cabbage. Heated cabbage, warmed over a wood fire, and applied to the injury is considered one of the effective injury treatment methods for Kenyan athletes.

Cold Treatment

Low temperatures help wounds heal faster by reducing swelling and discoloration. Kenyan athletes often leave water containers outside overnight and then soak their feet in the water after finishing their morning run. The overnight water is cool, helping the recovery process to occur faster.

Nowadays, with a better quality of life, Kenyan athletes have refrigerators, and they use ice-cold tubes to wrap around the painful areas to treat injuries.

Running on Soft Grass

Most Kenyan runners believe that if they get injured, waiting for the injury to heal completely before resuming training increases the likelihood of recurring injuries in the same area. Not training can cause athletes to gain weight, increasing the risk of reinjury.

Therefore, when injured, they still engage in light training to speed up the injury recovery process without gaining weight. They often choose soft grass surfaces for slow-paced running until the injury has fully healed.

Regular Massages

Massages improve blood circulation and relax muscle groups. Kenyan athletes often have massages multiple times a week, and the cost is not an issue as they massage each other. Some stars even have dedicated health professionals, so they enjoy this service every day.

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